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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hiking Sticks Project

 For an art project we decided to make some hiking sticks, since we keep seeing them all over for sale for high prices. We figured that this would be a practical project, since we hike so much we will get good use out of them.

(From left-Right Jason's, Cecille's Allix's)

We went out back and selected a few nice straight saplings for our hiking sticks, and chopped them off with a hatchet on the tops and bottoms.

Then we brought them in to the basement and got to work on customizing them. We chopped them off with the sawzall to make even bases and shorter tops once we decided whose was whose. The girls had their dad do the carving and chose accessories to go on their sticks from their beads and nature collection.

We got them out for last weekend when we hiked at Big Bone Lick's "Grand re-Opening" and went on the Owl Night Hike at Mills Park. Everyone thought they were neat!

They turned out pretty nice, and the girls got a lot of compliments on them. I think we may add polyurethane to coat them for longevity, but otherwise they are finished.

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