CrossTrails Homeschool: August 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"The Owl Named Owlvester"

Cecille's book she has been working on is now finished.
We scanned it in and uploaded it.
You can download it at the link below!

Click Here to Download the book in PDF format.

Gunpowder Creek "Snake Hunt" 08/19/12

 The only type of snakes we caught were garter snakes.

She is all wet because they had to "look for snakes in the water", or so they said. It turned more into a swim in the creek for the younger girls.

Alot of people go there just to walk or jog up and down that hill. We should have taken a picture of it. Jason forgot his sun glasses down at the bottom by the was pretty funny because I knew I wasn't walking back down that huge hill!! So him and Cecille hiked back down to get them.
 Joslyn likes to pose for the camera!

Cecille holding a frog.                                                      

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kenton County Farm Tour 2012

This looks interesting!
We are going, anyone else?

Know your Snakes!

This website is very helpful for identifying local Kentucky snakes.
It has lots of good photos and information on all of the species native to Kentucky.

How many of the species have you found?

Species we've found:
Garter Snake \ Water Snake \ Ring Neck Snake \ Milk Snake

Natural Bridge Trip 8/18/12

So we had to go back to Our Stress Free Hideout!
As we began our journey for the day Cecille spotted snails on the leaves. They are soo Cute!
The suspension bridge the girls love to walk across, run across, jump across :) Out of all of the trails there, the girls wanted to go to the "big bridge" trail; NOT the big arch trails.

 Cecille, she is growing up Way to fast!! Next thing you know she will be driving herself on adventures like this.

So this picture I Love! Jason just simply said a boys name to try to get her to smile... she claims she's not Boy Crazy.
Its funny they think you can't hear them talk in the back of the car with the radio on. Mom can hear everything and its Cute to think she starts the conversations with her big sister.

  They love playing in the dirt!!
After they played in the dirt for awhile we talked them into getting a picture all of them together. Its always a challenge getting everyone to look and smile at the same time.
 We are almost there...
It is such a pretty place. Anyone who has been there knows how beautiful and relaxing (sitting up top)  it is. The hike itself is a .....

 Sydella playing in the dirt again!
 Allix Nicole taking it all in!
Cecille wanted to take some pictures. We usually let her take some picture's with her daddy's camera when we go different places. She is our cameragirl!


Cecille & Allix they aren't always this nice to each other actually this is a rare occassion so we had to catch it on camera. "Joking "
 Joslyn playing in the dirt (sand?) again. She was a dirty little girl on the hike...note to self : pack wipes in the hiking backpack.
We have so much FuN!! I cherish every Second of "US - TIME". It only occurs in second intervals...the background screams: mommy,mommy, MOMMY!! I would have it no other way though!

 Walking down the Devils Gultch.
 Looking up from below!
Looking down. Its all down from here!! Its exciting every time... except this time it was dark and a little scary. We've never seen Bears but everything in the area is made Bear-proof. So I'm assuming maybe one day we might see a Bear - hopefully from a distance!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Bone Lick Hike 08/11/12

We decided to take another hike with the girls & Sam (our neighbor) wanted to go with them on the hike. Jack was at Coney Island with another friend of theirs.

The fake animals stuck in the bog at the visitors center are always cool for the kids.
Cecille found this baby Eastern Milk Snake near the creek bank. It was really cool because we've never caught one of these before.

Right after that, Allix threw a stick at a rock in the water. When it hit the rock, it splashed its tail on the water and took off - it wasn't a rock - it was a beaver. "Justin Beaver" swam around back to his lodge and sat in the entry hole looking out at us.
After a minute, he came back out and swam around the creek. It was cool seeing a beaver, since it's been a while since we've seen one.

I don't think Sam has ever seen a beaver in the wild before, he thought it was really cool.

The girls liked their hike. They all found some sticks towards the end of the hike and challenged each other to see who could balance them on their hands the longest!

Allix Gets Her Cast Off! 08/08/12

Allix finally got her cast off on August 8th. She was SO excited to have it off, but she wanted to keep it.

Everyone is glad that she healed up so well and she's back to doing everything like her sisters again.

Our Backyard Farm 07/29/12

Here's an update on our critters out back!

The new goats are loving it here & all of the attention the girls give them.

Sydella loves getting the eggs from the coop & all the different ages of chickens!