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Friday, September 7, 2012


  So my question is : Who Doesn't like music?? I know I myself I Love Music ~ it cheers me up when I'm feeling down ~ it gets my energy level pumped up ~ it makes me want to sing along (lol) and also my favorite ~> Dance...
Anyways I guess my main focus tonight with the topic of music is: Allix Nicole has a sparkle in her when it comes to music. Its actually pretty funny because if you sit back and watch her sing it is one of the sweetest things you will ever hear & see!! I could listen to her sing all day  ;) just the way she sings - its so Beautiful.She pours her heart into it. Passion that's what its all about!
I've been struggling with this for the past few months because we all have special gifts and talents...I truly believe this child's Passion is Music!!! No doubt about it. Allix is definitely unique in many ways its so hard to describe - but this girl is a hands on learner and everyday she throws me a new loop. I'm blown away with some of the things she comes up with. Between Allix and Cecille both I'm not sure who is learning more everyday me or them. I believe that's the best part about homeschooling we learn together.
 Allix - you think she is ignoring the lesson for the day but in truth she running everything through her mind over and over and over again. Allix is  always thinking of ways to improve things! She is learning - but in such a Unique Way. Trust me I have to change the way we do things EVERYDAY  ~> Don't get me wrong it adds more adventure to our week. I love it the other day you could just tell she was a little gloomy - not having the best day so what did I decide to do...Hmm... Pandora to the Rescue!! I Love music (I have no vocal skills but that's alright as long as you have the knob twisted all the way up) lol. All I have to do is get it started.I love how Pandora has all the lyrics ready to go. Just ask Jason I can make up my own words to go with any song...depending on what type of mood I'm in that could be a good thing or bad thing. The girls do the same thing when they get to a part in the song and they forget the words they just throw some in there and go with
  Now Cecille she loves to sing and she too is excellent at singing. Its just she doesn't quite have that sparkle when she is singing. She doesn't pour her whole heart into it. That sounds horrible but its the truth. I could be wrong I know she does really wants to learn how to play guitar. I'm thinking about getting that set up sometime in the near future. Sometimes you just have to try things to see if it is really something your interested in. Cecille she is really into art, animals & nature. She Loves animals!  We are thinking about joining 4-H sometime soon. Cecille and Allix both will really enjoy this when we do. See they both like doing  all these things but where is their heart?? What do they pour their heart into??
Cecille is such a smart girl. I think she can intimidate a  few adults. (LOL!!!) I've actually witnessed  it and had to chuckle under my breath as I'm saying to myself in my head "You Go Girl" LOL. Most parents would over react about the "Know It All Situations" but as long as your correct and you speak your knowledge - go for it!! She will let you know if your wrong and she has a head strong personality ;)
She would be mad at me for saying she doesn't have the same Passion for music as Allix and maybe I'm wrong.

I don't know I have been praying for months about this. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe both my oldest daughters have a Passion for Music. I do know they both enjoy singing and Sydella is finally breaking out of her shy stage. She also sings along with all the songs here recently. Its cute because she remembers the parts that I forget. 
Joslyn she loves to be Vocal all around!!! She walks around yellin $5.00 Pizza Whoo!! I need to record her doing this because it is Hilarious! She should be on the commercial....

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