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Monday, September 10, 2012

Homeschool Group

So Cross Trails has been meeting up with some other homeschool families ~> we have been meeting since the end of the school year last year. All summer we met for the educational events. We have met several times already this year and have the whole year planned with FuN EventS... Who was concerned about my childrens socialization  again?? PLEASE!!
So to respect the privacy of our friends we won't post pictures of them and their children ( unless given permission ). I will post pictures of the girls... I'm gonna have to remember to take more pictures!! We have 15 children who meet each week. Pretty good amount I think ;)
They all get along thats what counts!! So here are some pictures taken at Big Bone Lick :

 While at Big Bone Lick we did a few Fall some books... and learned about the different types of apples...The kids tasted a few different types of apples : They each agreed the homegrown tasted the BEST!!   Also as you can see we hiked! The kids got to got to see some Bison up close! This was the first time we had seen them right along the fence line. Usually they are way out in the field. It was a FuN filled day. This week we are meeting up to play some KICKBALL!!

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