CrossTrails Homeschool: Animal update 06/05/12

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Animal update 06/05/12

Just a quick animal update on what's going on with animals. Here is one of the chicks we hatched, getting much bigger already.
All of the small chickens in these other photos are one we raised and hatched. The big rooster is still the king in the coop, but now we have a couple other small roosters in there too.

This is Cecille's birthday present from our friends, The Daniels Family. Her name is Buttercup and she is half New Zealand and half Flemish Giant rabbit, she is pretty big!

Cecille wanted to get a larger rabit to breed, so that we get larger baby bunnies. She will be having babies around Sept 8th.
 This is Otter, he is an Otter Rabbit. His fur is short and very soft. His ears are really long.
This is Sweetheart, she was the first rabbit the girls got. But she is just a small Dutch rabbit, so her babies are very small.
Here are the baby bunnies from our first litter, they're getting bigger and we were looking for new homes for them.

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