CrossTrails Homeschool: Catching Gar 06/23/12

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Gar 06/23/12

When the girls got back from their mamaw's house they found out that we had went fishing without them, and that there were gar in the river... they had never caught gar before - so they demanded that we go fishing again so they could try to catch them.

So I being the Best Fisher Girl in Sydella's opinion-was the first to catch a gar that evening. Jason tried his hardest to catch himself a gar...LOL!!! So in other words he is still yet to catch a gar. He has had them on his hook but they either chewed threw the line or got off at the last second.
So here you see Jason getting in on this photo with the girls holding their gar. I Love it!!
Cecille, Allix and Sydella love fishing!! Joslyn loves exploring. She isn't yet two years old but can say and identify just about all the common animals & animal sounds. Joslyn loves hollering like turtle man as well. So its pretty Hillarious on Sunday evenings in the Fiscus household.

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