CrossTrails Homeschool: Big Bone Lick Hike 08/11/12

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Bone Lick Hike 08/11/12

We decided to take another hike with the girls & Sam (our neighbor) wanted to go with them on the hike. Jack was at Coney Island with another friend of theirs.

The fake animals stuck in the bog at the visitors center are always cool for the kids.
Cecille found this baby Eastern Milk Snake near the creek bank. It was really cool because we've never caught one of these before.

Right after that, Allix threw a stick at a rock in the water. When it hit the rock, it splashed its tail on the water and took off - it wasn't a rock - it was a beaver. "Justin Beaver" swam around back to his lodge and sat in the entry hole looking out at us.
After a minute, he came back out and swam around the creek. It was cool seeing a beaver, since it's been a while since we've seen one.

I don't think Sam has ever seen a beaver in the wild before, he thought it was really cool.

The girls liked their hike. They all found some sticks towards the end of the hike and challenged each other to see who could balance them on their hands the longest!

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