CrossTrails Homeschool: Big Bone Lick Hike 07/13/12

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Bone Lick Hike 07/13/12

We wanted to take a hike somewhere we've never been before, so we headed back over to Big Bone Lick - where we go every weekend it seems like.

But, this time we went to Big Bone Lake(?), and hiked around the lake. We had never been on that side of the park in all of our trips there. The lake is really pretty and the water is clear, we saw a lot of bluegills in it. (should have brought our poles!)

Sydella wanted to lead the way on our hike most of the time, so she is the one who found all of the deer.

We saw a lot of deer in the woods and fields along the trail.

We found some blackberries along the trail but its been such a hot dry summer that they were all dried out already.

It was not to strenuous of a hike, but it was kind of long, so try it out sometime!

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