CrossTrails Homeschool: Catching Drum and Mussels 06/22/12

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Drum and Mussels 06/22/12

The 3 older girls went to their mamaws for an overnight stay, so we had the evening to just ourselves and Joslyn. So, what else would we do but go fishing!

The water was way down from where it usually is at, so everywhere you looked there were freshwater mussels/clams, so we picked a bunch of them up that were recently stranded out of the water and tossed them back out into deep water.

When you pick them up they squirt water at you! It looked like racoons were having a feast on these easy treats.

Can you eat these? (Is it legal to collect them?)
How would you cook them? Anyone with information?

Joslyn had a good time playing in the shallow water and rocks while Jason fished for gars. He didn't have any luck catching gars; he was using too large of hooks and the ones he did hook cut his line.

Jason caught a big drum fish, but since we've never caught one before we really weren't sure "what" exactly it was at the time, much less if you could eat it... So, we released it back into the river.

Has anyone you know cooked them? The internet says some places that they are easy to clean and good eating, but other places say that they are hard to clean and nasty tasting! ???

We also saw a huge rock full of fossils that was recently exposed due to the river water level lowering. Jason put his watch in the picture for scale.
The nice part about fishing at the dam in Falmouth is that when you want to night-fish, the bridge has bright lights on it so you can see when it's dark!

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