CrossTrails Homeschool: Baby Bunnies 04/26/12

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Baby Bunnies 04/26/12

So Cecille & I decided shortly after the tornado swept through we needed to celebrate Life for Easter. So we came up with the plan to surprise dad & her sisters with a litter of baby bunnies around Easter time. It was supposed to be a Secret but...the secret came out a few days after we mated the rabbits. We both felt we should tell everyone.

Cecille knew how to determine the sex of the rabbits shortly after we purchased our second rabbit Otter.

She actually made a special trip up to the neighbors on a mission to tell them what sex their rabbit was. Cecille said the neighbors weren't sure if their rabbit was a girl or boy so she just wanted to be My niece had gone with Cecille up to the neighbors that day. We thought they were just going up there to play for a minute. I told my sister the next day what the girls had gone up to the neighbors to do...we laughed so hard!! Its just too cute!! Its great to know these things and to share your knowledge with others. There's nothing wrong with that.
Sweetheart gave birth to seven healthy beautiful rabbits. We placed each one with great homes.

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