CrossTrails Homeschool: Return to Natural Bridge! 04/20/2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Return to Natural Bridge! 04/20/2012

We took another trip back to Natural Bridge a month later since there is so much to see. This time we actually went to see "Natural Bridge" park, as last time we stayed in the gorge the entire time.

This is the most famous Natural Bridge that the park takes its name from here on the right. (see the little people on it?)
We kept finding a lot of these millipedes on the trails, they were pretty cool, and they curled up when you picked them up.

It was kind of rainy off and on so we all had jackets on for most of the day.
 Since we knew where we were going for the day before we left, Cecille and Allix got all decked out for the trip. Cecille was wearing her jacket, camo hiking hat, camo backpack, camera bag, and a large pocket knife (to protect her from bears, lol). I'm sure the backpack had all kinds of odds and ends in it.
 There are some beautiful overlooks on the trails, we stopped at one to take a break after the long hike up to shoot some photos.

 4 girls heads on a rock!
 It's hard to get a photo of just us, and with the cliffs nearby we couldn't put Joslyn down, can you see her in this photo?
Down in the valleys is just as spectacular as up on the mountaintops, you would swear sometimes that you're in a rainforest with the cool trees ferns and plants that grow in the rocky valleys. There's also lots of pretty waterfalls along most trails.

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