CrossTrails Homeschool: Cecille & Allix getting ready to sing at church

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cecille & Allix getting ready to sing at church

So Cecille and Allix both love to Sing. They have been singing at church ever since they were little bitty. I Love to see & hear them sing to God. They get reminded every time they get ready to get up in front of church to sing that they aren't singing to the congregation but they are singing to God. They know & they Love to sing praises to God. So Sydella is right behind them with singing...she hasn't gotten up front to sing on her own yet. She is almost ready.

I Love these pictures of Jason and his two oldest girls...they are growing up Quick and Boy does He have his hands full. They aren't looking to impress mom but they are DAD =)

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