CrossTrails Homeschool: Free Range Chickens... 04/09/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Free Range Chickens... 04/09/12

It was getting nicer outside, so we decided it would be nice for the chickens to do some free-ranging in the yard... It didn't go as well as it sounds like it would.

First off, once they're out and ranging everywhere all day - they no longer care to walk all the way back to the coop to use the nesting box. So, every day turns into an Easter Egg Hunt. one chicken particularly liked using the bird feeder in the front yard as a nesting box. When you hear them start clucking loudly you better start running over to find the egg!

Sydella loves being a helper and finding the eggs to bring in, it makes her feel big like her sisters who do it (as a chore!).

Another down side to free ranging them here, is that they LOVED the neighbors' flower bed. The neighbors didn't like them in it though. So we put the chickens back in their chicken prison.

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