CrossTrails Homeschool: Turtle Hunt 07/01/12

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Turtle Hunt 07/01/12

We went on a snapping turtle hunt after looking at videos online about how tasty they are and how to clean them. We searched all up and down the creek and did not see any sign of turtles living in the creek.

Allix did find a cool wolf's skull in the creek though!

So we got back into the car to head home. As soon as we started driving, Allix noticed something in the grass out her window.

We stopped and saw that it was a litter of raccoons. There was no mother around, just the babies wandering in the field.

We called for them and they came over by us. Jason caught one of them, and Cecille caught TWO of them, but when they turned around she dropped them both because she was scared she might be bitten. (We've never caught baby raccoons before)

 They were so cute!
One of Cecille's raccoons that she had caught ran up under the van to hide and crawled between the frame rail and the gas tank and wouldn't budge.

Finally it came out with a little coaxing and rejoined the rest of them in the weeds by the creek.



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