CrossTrails Homeschool: Our First Trip to Red River Gorge 03/24/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our First Trip to Red River Gorge 03/24/12

Still being new to all of the parks down here in Kentucky, we woke up one Saturday morning looking for a new place to explore. Since we didn't know where to go, we stopped by the rest area to see what all brochures of attractions there were. We found a Kentucky State Parks map & saw that the Red River Gorge / Natural Bridge were within a couple hours driving. So, we headed down that way. It was easy to find, but when we got there, we came to the tunnel that gets you into the gorge, and weren't sure what was in store for us...
We hiked as many of the trails as we could in a day! This picture is on top of the arch on the "skyway" (I think) trail. It was kind of scary being up that high on a rock arch with no sides. The girls thought it was awesome! We got to see a lot of really neat arches , cliffs, caves, and more. There's a million things to look at.

There was a lot of sandstone cliffs, so there was a lot of sand that the girls loved to stop and play in. This is why you see so many names carved into everything, the walls are sandstone so it's easy for them.

Joslyn kept looking at everything in wonder, she had never seen a place like this before! With all of the steep cliffs you have to keep a close eye on her at all times.
I think we have a photo of the girls under every arch we passed, reminds me of when we used to go to Hocking Hills and take a million photos in a weekend! They loved seeing the arches & how high up you are when you walk over them, then walk under them and see where you were.
This is way up on "Chimney Top", you could see this lookout from way down on the road, it is pretty high up! You can see a long way in all directions from here & see lots of the cliffs and caves in the mountains.

Apparently BEARS(!) live in the Red River Gorge, because everywhere you park there are warning signs. The girls thought that this was AWESOME that they might see a wild bear... it was kind of scary to us though. All of the trash cans are special "bear proof" trash cans so they don't eat out of the garbage. Allix demanded her picture by the sign to prove how tough she is. They looked all day long for any signs of bears, every scratch on a tree was a claw mark to them. Then they decided to act like bears knocking down trees with some dead trees they climbed on.

 It was a really nice, peaceful, quiet, beautiful place to visit. There is such pretty scenery every where you look.
We even crossed a big swinging suspension bridge over the Red River, the girls thought it was cool that when you walked it shook.

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