CrossTrails Homeschool: My Wing Is Broken! 05/01/12

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Wing Is Broken! 05/01/12

My wing is broken, my wing is broken, come catch me! Well, not really, but if you see a killdeer nest that's what it seems like. The mother will run around making lots of noise and acting like it can't fly so that you chase it - leading you away from its nest of eggs.

Killdeer make their nests on the ground, so their eggs are more vulnerable to predators. The good thing is that the mom is a good distraction, leading the animals away until it's safe to fly off. The eggs are also camouflaged real well.
Cecille found this one nesting in the gravel of a church playground. Everyone's first thought was that the bird was hurt, Cecille knew better and explained to the women there what was going on. She watched the bird to see where it went back to and found its nest.

For more information on killdeer here's a link:

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