CrossTrails Homeschool: Hatching our own Chicks 03/28/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hatching our own Chicks 03/28/12

So we went out to Tractor Supply and purchased an incubator and egg turner to hatch some chicks. The girls were thrilled when we finally agreed to go out and purchase the incubator they so badly wanted. It was a hands on experiment alright.

We planned it out perfectly that we would hatch some Easter chicks. We had six out of eight hatch and it really was the COOLEST. I was a lil iffy on whether it was going to go as planned or if it being the first time of doing this if it would be such a success. So I was thrilled when I heard the first peep. Then came a tiny lil crack in the shell and of course the egg rolling around... it was Really Neat!
The girls did the math of when each chick was due to hatch and they hatched on the exact dates written on the shells. Allix had actually gotten this incubator for her birthday :) lol Only our children would request such a present!! 

Its five months later and all of the chicks we hatched are doing good and starting to lay eggs.

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