CrossTrails Homeschool: Chicks Nursery Box 03/30/12

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicks Nursery Box 03/30/12

We made our own box for the chicks to be raised in while they are little. I think it's called a brooder box? We made it out of scrap 2x4's and an old baby bed. We used plastic chicken wire for the sides.

We put an angled wire on a taller post to a short corner to hang the heat lamp from so we could adjust the light's temperature/height. If the chicks are all huddled under the light - it's too cold (too far away) in the box, if they're all far away - it's too hot(light is too close).

Hanging the water bowl also helps chicks from drowning in it an keeps it MUCH cleaner. As they get older they do start to fly up and perch on the top, maybe we'll add a top for next time!

We had this in our living room, as it was the warmest room in the house at night time (where the pellet burner is), so something important to consider is that you should build this as big as possible - but make sure it can fit in/out of your house! Our was BARELY able to squeeze in/out with tricky positioning.

YES, chicks DO stink! No matter how you clean it, it'll still stink, so an indoor brooder box may not be for everyone, lol.

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